How to reach us

The Grizzino restaurant-hotel takes its name from the hamlet of Montereale Valcellina town, where it is located:
Grizzo, altough today Grizzo and Montereale practically make one town together.

The building is only few metres from the railway station, thus being in a lucky position, because it is in the centre
but also outside at the same time, since the station lost the importance it had years ago
and now the avenue to reach it is not crowded at all.

Grizzino resort is easily reachable from the pedemontana (piedmont) road or from the road going from Pordenone to Maniago.
At arrival you have a large parking area at your disposal.

Whenever our guests wished to go on a trip in the surroundings,they could get by car a lot of destinations in few minutes: i.e.
Val Cellina (Cellina Valley) with Barcis town and the lake are only 10 minutes far, or some charming and amazing villages
like Andreis, Claut and Cimolais.

In about half an hour you get to Vajont's dam, near the centres of Longarone, Erto and Casso.
Driving less than 5 km you find Maniago, famous for its handmade knives, and only some kilometres more you are in
Poffabro, one of the most beautiful Italian villages...